Bathroom renovation by Bueler, Inc.Did you know that the average person will spend 7 years of their life in the Bathroom! There’s just no getting around it – we spend a good portion of our lives in this room. Unfortunately, for most of us, our bathrooms are often too small, too old, too leaky, too cold, and just not providing us with the amenities we deserve and desire.

Bueler, Inc.’s award-winning designs really set themselves a part in the bathroom … this is where strong problem solving design skills and technical flair join to maximize space and create relaxing, functional, beautiful rooms. We’ll explore the myriad of options available with you from relocating walls, windows, doors, and plumbing to replacing and updating surfaces, fixtures, cabinetry and porcelain products. We can enlarge your bathroom into adjoining space or create an extraordinary master bedroom / bathroom suite with an addition to your home. The choices are endless and once made our experienced and talented craftsmen will turn your bathroom into the relaxing retreat you’ve envisioned.

So… how many more years will you be spending in your bathroom? We’re betting that we can make those hours, days, weeks, months and years ones that you will truly enjoy!