Why Design Build?

Design Build PlansPeople often ask what the design/build designation means? It’s simple – design/build means that we start with a customer’s need, problem and/or goal, professionally design the ideal solution within their parameters, realistically cost the project and complete the build-out with our team of highly skilled craftsmen.

While there are a number of approaches that can be taken when considering home improvement, Bueler, Inc. was founded on the principles of design/build as a result of the numerous benefits that it provides to our customers including: Responsibility & Accountability; Comprehensive Expertise & Professionalism; Flexibility; and Cost Savings.

Responsibility and Accountability

When homeowners utilize our design/build firm they contract with a single-point-of-contact partner who takes full responsibility for the entire project – homeowners can count on a professional award winning design that will be built to code and within budget!

Comprehensive Expertise and Professionalism

Homeowners benefit in a numerous ways when they work with a professional designer who also intimately understands the construction process: they maximize all of the construction and material options available to them; they receive the most realistic and current costs within their defined budgets and they are assured of a high level of expertise and project management throughout all aspects of the process.

Design BuildFlexibility

It’s not unusual for mid-project changes to arise during construction – homeowners may change their minds or discover something new to add – when Bueler, Inc. takes the project from design through build-out these changes can be made as a part of an overall process. They are easier to integrate and less costly to incorporate.

Cost Savings

As a design/build firm our pricing structure incorporates design & drawing time into the total project – this cost consolidation model results in an overally less costly project than if the design, proposal and build-out stages are executed independently.

In conclusion, as a design/build firm, Bueler, Inc. brings you a locally & nationally recognized expert in residential design and an industry specialist in residential interior/exterior construction & structural re-configuration. This unique position enables us to deliver all of the benefits that the design/build process has to offer each and every one of our clients!